The heart Julie and Merrick have for mothers, from before conception and throughout the first year of their baby's life, stems from a deep love both these women carry. Becoming a mama isn't easy, it's not instant, and it's not totally "natural" for all women. Every woman and baby is different- each one being unique and special with the way they were made. So why on earth would the journey of parenthood be the same for everyone? We like to think out of the box, using evidence based coaching/education and therapies to help support YOU during your journey. 

Hey Mama- 
We want YOU to be empowered during your pregnancy, during your birth and after your baby is born. Why? Because we love you. And you need support throughout this journey of motherhood.

We are Merrick & Julie

Hey there!

Our fiery red-headed Co-Founder, Merrick, fell in love with birth and mamas while working as an OB/GYN Nurse 19 years ago. She has over 10 years of expertise in the fertility industry, making her our go-to expert for our delayed fertility clients (see that little peanut with her and husband? YUP! He's their little miracle baby!).

She and her husband communicate primarily in movie quotes and song lyrics (and How I Met Your Mother quotes) and currently reside in Puyallup with their miracle toddler and pup. Merrick is an ordained pastor with the Foursquare church and is the associate pastor at Viewpoint Church. 

Meet Merrick

areas of practice: Fertility Doula, birth doula, birth educator, newborn educator, belLY BINDING Instructor

Fun facts about Merrick!

My favorite worship song

My all-time favorite is The War is Over by Bethel Music

a hobby that i love

Sewing, Screen Printing and DIY Home Decor 

my go-to vacation getaway

Walt Disney World

things I enjoy

Nintendo Switch

Laughing w/Husband

Dance Parties
with my baby

words to live by

"Even though you don't wear your crown everyday, conduct yourself in a way that the people you represent are proud." 

Our sassy siren Co-Founder Julie, has been in the birth industry since 2005 by way of being a doula and documenting births, working with lactating mamas as a breastfeeding coach, and a Holistic Bodyworker specializing in Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy. Everything Julie specializes in ties all together, focusing on holistic health of baby and mama. 

She is also a professional photographer, specializing in Newborns (that's a shocker, right?) and a branding photographer and coach. Julie can often be found singing on the weekends at Motion church or hosting game night at her house with her blended family. She can reply to any question with a "Friends" quote.

Meet Julie

areas of practice: infant craniosacral therapist, birth/newborn educator, certified lactation educator, master clinical aromatherapist, Spinning Babies Certified, HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK EDUCATOr

Fun facts about Julie!

My favorite worship song

Currently, I'm loving You Saved Me by Upperroom

a hobby that i love

Interior Design and decor- I love it!!!

my go-to vacation getaway

Hawaii or Disneyland... both make me happy 

things I enjoy

My frenchie puppy

Dutch Bros Coffee

Newborn Photography

words to live by

"Hey Mama's... take it one day at a time. There is no such thing as the perfect parent. Give yourself grace in the moments where you feel inadequate or weak and lean on your support system. "

We believe in community: even Jesus had his 12 disciples! (1 John 1:7)

We believe in free will in birth: Our goal is for you to be educated, and make the correct decisions for your and your family during YOUR BIRTH. (Proverbs 16:9)

We believe in helping others: apart from helping you through your pregnancy, labor and delivery, we are also committed to philanthropy and serving our community with a joyful and happy heart. (Col 3:17)

While we are a company run by two Jesus following women, our clientele isn’t exclusively Christian. We work with people of all walks of faith or belief systems.

We do not discriminate based on your religion, race, country of origin, nationality, language spoken, disability or sexual orientation.

Our Philosophy 

We are looking for individuals that have all ranges of experience in the following:  
Doula Birth, Postpartum, Bereavement
Lactation Consultants (IBCLC, CLC, BC), Breastfeeding Coaches 
Pediatric Sleep Coaches for in-person & virtual offerings
Therapist, Counselor or Psychologist specializing in all things motherhood
Nutritionist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition

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