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We support you before, during and after your birth and strive to be a guiding source throughout your journey of becoming parents and growing your family. 

We are so honored you are here visiting our website today! We are a collective of birth workers who love to educate and empower our clients through evidence based education, prayer and affirmations.

Come and meet the owners and driving forces behind The Birth Society. This powerhouse team met at an event in 2017 and quickly became friends after realizing their mutual love for evidence based education, mama's and babies. 
With over 30 years combined experience in the birth industry, they chose to launch The Birth Society with the dreams and goals in mind to help women across the globe prepare for the birth they desire. 

This dynamic team stems from creative and medical backgrounds, with over 30 years combined experience helping women during pregnancy, birth and the 4th trimester. 

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Julie and Merrick

Birth Doula- both in person and virtual doula offerings are available (local to the PNW)

We can help you with...

Birthing Classes, Newborn Education and Massage- conducted online or in person. 

Fertility Doula- our leading fertility doula expert is ready to walk the journey alongside you and your partner. 

Infant Craniosacral Therapy sessions to help with birth trauma, breastfeeding difficulties, tongue/lip ties, colicky babies and more! 

Breastfeeding support during your 4th trimester and beyond, available virtual or in person. 

Belly Binding facilitation to help provide support for your abdomen and pelvic muscles after birth. 

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We are here to provide you with the utmost care, love and tenderness in your journey of parenthood. From evidence based education regarding fertility to pregnancy to birth and beyond, our incredible team is ready to help you feel safe, confident, and prepared in every step of your journey. 

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